All you know will cease to exist

Film in motion

Hey everybody this is the beginning of what will be a great experience that will soon come. At this point in time I am finalizing my concept for the film. The characters are finished the only other thing left to do is the turn-arounds for both characters. I still need to tweak the art direction some more to get it close to how I want to film to look and then there is the animatic which I turned in recently. There are some issues with camera timing and angles as well as some issues with character position but I plan to go back in a make adjustments to better the strength of the film. Hopefully soon I can plan out a production schedule to help organize the progress and evident completion. Until then I am still in pre-visualization stage to get everything where it needs to be. I’ll start posting up my character iterations and art direction stills once their finalized. Til then stay posted for what will be an awesome animated flick.


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