All you know will cease to exist

Hallway Model: Revisited

Hey guys, I’m in the midst of adjusting the environment model for the film. Ever since John’s outstanding work on modeling the hallway environment I have taken the model and made tweaks and adjustments to fit the scenes I will animate. So far I have extended the tunnel and re-adjusted geometry that didn’t fit by either moving faces or edges. For the hallway door I deleted a few faces and extruded a few sections to get the feel of a doorway, I then added two edge loops on the back wall and aligned them around the doorway and again deleted a few faces. Now I have a fully functioning doorway the only thing left is to add a few rooms to break up the monotony of seamless windows and make sure the tunnel sections that were duplicated to lengthen the model are close together to omit the tiny spacing of light coming through. Stay posted on further updates to the environment and character models that should be close to finished soon.


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