All you know will cease to exist

Hallway Progress

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Well guys I have tweaked the hallway model to an extent that I feel will work for the film. In my concept sketches I never planned on the hallway to be heavily modeled I wanted to stick with a simple model with some detail but more highly defined through texturing and lighting. I have extended the model to allow for particular shots in the film along with tweaking the room quarters. I added detail to the walls and re-adjusted the geometry of the model especially for Kit’s room to create the illusion of a living space on the space station in which the film takes place on. A lot of man hours went into adjusting the hallway once it was lengthen the wall details had to be adjusted to align correctly with the introduction of the room quarters. I also implemented glass to the windows in the model, I am still learning how to texture so in some of the images you may not realize that there is glass like in other images. The character models are still under construction Nick is currently adding muscular detail and re-adjusting the eyes of the Zar as well as ending his blocking of Kit in order to also add muscular and facial detail. Stay posted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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