All you know will cease to exist

Environment lighting test

Hey everybody sorry for the long wait certain goals were pushed back slowing down the production but in the past couple  week and a half I have put together a production team that is hard at work on the film. Currently the sound design department is working on a few projects to get the film where it needs to be in an audio sense. Micheal Bohannon the UV artist on the film is fast at work UVing the Zar model and will do the same for the Kit model. From there I will finish rigging both characters so that they are ready for animation. Edward Dorsey who is the producer on the film has been a key member of this crew he is the reason the film was on a fast start going into this semester. Slowly but surely the gears are running for the production and hopefully I can bring you guys new updates on the film soon. Until then check out the lighting test that Dan Van Wagnen is currently working on for the hallway environment.


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