All you know will cease to exist

Zar texture test

After a very long semester full of ups and down with the production of the film I can finally say that things are finally coming around and my vision is truly taking flight. The crew has been working extremely hard to get everything together that is required for pre-production of the film. Both characters are rigged and are currently being textured by Stephanie Saxton after the hard Uv’ing work by Micheal Bohannon. A far as light everything is pretty much close the aesthetic I was going for except for a few techinical issues that will be ironed out in post production. Peter LoPinto has been fast at work on refining the sounds and score for the film as well. Special thanks to Stefanie Kocian and Nelio Naut for the their assistance on helping me complete the Kit character rig. I am currently working on a new pre-viz to fix some of the camera shot miscues in the previous video. In meantime here is Stephanie’s first pass at texturing Zar. Stay posted everyone.


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