All you know will cease to exist

Dynamic testing

Going through the scope of the film I realized that two shots would be based around dynamic manipulation. Having very little knowledge in this field I began researching particular dynamic procedures. I found a tutorial on CreativeCrash that explain a method for simulating breaking glass. Essentially, you create a plane in its default setting the cutting faces or creating the shards in the plane. You then triangulate those faces and detach them from one another you then place a ncloth node onto that plan. Then going into the attribute bringing the gravity down to “O” extruding the plane for thickness. Finally you create a sphere and place a passive collider node onto the sphere animate the sphere on side of the plane, going through it, and out to the other side. Before you playback the animation you will cache out that sequence and then playback the animation. The tutorial by Azhagu Raj Pandian proved to be very useful and I plan to experiment more this method.


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