All you know will cease to exist

End of Pre-Production

After a rocky pre-production I can say as a first time director it has been an experience. Marketing yourself and your film is has proven to assist the production flow as seen by my fellow classmates. Having such a small crew required a lot of work from everyone one of us on this film. Constant communication and giving my crew up to date information has shown to be my downfall this quarter. Having a small team also meant that I had to wear numerous hats other than just being a director. For most of the film I have modeled , rigged, and assist in lighting as well as texturing. My crew has shown to be invaluable to the progress of the film and I appreciate all the hard work and dedication that they have put behind this piece. Moving forward into production of the film I will go back to the drawing board and really take a good look at the film in an overall perspective then start to make the necessary adjustments in the film. I will post up so of the in progress pieces that have been worked on this past couple of months.


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