All you know will cease to exist


After some time away from the film I have been able to look over the project as a whole. The biggest issue was dealing with the design aesthetic of the film. Being that this is an animated there is very little time for any story or to give in-depth details about the characters. By sacrificing time, emphasis can be placed on design and context. The inspiration behind this film was to pay homage to science fiction/space opera genre. Adding to that inspiration was hints of stylistic creativity done by Don Bluth. In the past month I have spent a great deal of time in research and development. Within that period of time I have gathered various image references based on appeal, lighting, mood, aesthetic, or stylistic design. Some images I tweaked in photoshop to create the aesthetic that I wanted to bring across in this film. Recently, I had a session with my professor looking over the aspects of the film. What was brought to my attention in regards to lighting was that emphasis needed to be displayed to drive the audience’s line of sight. The repetitive beams of light created this monotonous pattern that causes you to focus on the lights rather than drive your gaze down the hallway. So as a hands on experiment we brought the same mock image that I experimented with and brought down the contrast in the environment. From there add or take away brightness in particular areas to forcibly guide the viewers gaze. This proved to be very useful in directing the use of light in this short. Complimenting color was also brought to my attention as well. Instead of a deep blue lighting which would transition to a harsh and alert red lighting, a different take on the situation was advised. Much like in Star Trek the lighting of the hallway is very simple giving off a comfortable mood. Even when they are in a pre-cautionary situation aside from a slight desaturation the lighting is pretty much the same. It’s not until the ship is critical damaged that the lighting transitions to an elevated warning mood. The same effect will be used in the film. By starting off with a diffuse flood light which transitions to a blue pre-cautionary lighting and finally to a throbbing faint tangerine orange lighting to signal a warning situation. Camera movement was then looked at and the best course of action was using the Star Wars: The Old Republic game trailers. Much of the trailers transition from stationary cameras that dolly or pan to a more immersive handheld camera. This is especially seen in the fight sequences in the trailers where this handheld effect proved to be very useful in hinting movement and closeness to the action taken place. Costume alterations for Kit are still underway at the moment I do not plan to completely stray away from his original suit design but rather tweak it stylistically.


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