All you know will cease to exist

Lighting mood paintings

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Getting back into the work flow I have started creating digital mood paintings in Photoshop to create the lighting for the film. I took a snapshot of the hallway mesh in Maya then brought that into Photoshop and painted over it. As you can see from the prior digital concept paintings of the hallway I have drastically changed the concept. Before I had normal flood lights, to the auxiliary power lighting , to emergency lighting. The color tone followed suit from flood light white, dark blue/green, to deep reds/oranges/and yellows. Since then I took inspiration from Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back lighting. The scene in which Han Solo is frozen in carbonite as well as the duel between Luke and Vader I used the same lighting concept with a twist. Much like the film the overall hero lighting is a dark blue with supporting orange under lighting, this concept create a silhouette in which we see the character with enough detail to be recognizable but still create  a looming darkness. I approached the hallway with the same demeanor with basic diffuse basic lighting which would transition to the auxiliary power lighting of blue and finally to the emergency orange lighting which would blink in alert. Still trying to incorporate Don Bluth’s “Space Ace” concept to the lighting I placed a galaxy image over the lighting and some of the environment.


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