All you know will cease to exist


Going head strong into production the biggest agenda on my plate is to get the animation done this quarter in order to focus on other aspects of the film. To make the animation workload easier on the animation crew I took it upon my self to go through every shot and get the animation from its pre-viz stage to blocking 1 and hopefully to blocking 2 that way by the time the animators got the shots the most they would do is tweening and polish. Now that I have handed off my shots to the animators it has slightly lighten the workload on myself to get particular shots done. The work flow has proven difficult at times due to the fact that some shots have both characters within the scene and a lot of movement involved in those shots. Luckily with my 3D character II course I have learned to be quick and efficient with my animation which has helped during production. With the new pre-viz I have completed I feel good with the direction the film is going. Unfortunately I won’t post the new pre-viz due to the fact that the story is still being tweaked and that we are still underway with production but I hope this still from one of the shots help to put the film in perspective. Hopefully, I can give you guys a peak at the rendered lighting and textures for the film in the next week or so, till then stay posted.


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