All you know will cease to exist


Film Festival time!!!

Hey Everyone its been awhile since I last made a post. Been busy trying to build up my portfolio and try to make my way into the industry but throughout this period “Project G” is going to make a few appearances at film festivals. I was hesitant at first, wanting to put the film to rest for a while to venture into new projects but thanks to the help of my producer Edward Dorsey Jr. the film will attempt to break out into the film festival circuit. During that time I will be taking down the film off of my vimeo page in order to avoid any submission conflicts. When I am sure I can post the film back up I will inform everyone. Thank you to all who have followed up on this blog through my journey to complete this film. Feel free to share this blog with others and visit old posts to see my way from concept to the final product.


Project G is completed

The film is finally completed thank you to all who have followed the blog and kept up with the film’s progress and thank you to the entire Project G crew without you this would not be possible.

Post Production

Since the production of Project G I have been fast at work refining the animation in particular shots of animation but in this period of time my focus was on the visual quality of the film. Doing a majority of the lighting it was difficult to capture the exact feeling I wanted in each shot of the film. Being pressed for time I had to create a setup that could be recycled through the film with subtle tweaks. Going into my last quarter here at SCAD I spent a majority of my time setting up the render layers for the film properly to give full control to my compositor to achieve my visual goal. Here is a sample of a composite shot earlier in the quarter.

Production is complete

After three quarters of work the Project G crew and I have finally completed the film. There are still some issues that need to be addressed going into post production but overall I can finally say that my vision has come to life. I thank the crew, professors, and any others that have contributed to the creation of this film. Since I plan on putting the film into film festivals going into next quarter I am unable to showcase the film but I will continue to post the latest progress. Thank you all that have followed me on this journey to creating this animated short and I hope that you continue to follow the blog. Enjoy some of the stills from the film.

First Render Pass of Shot 1 (sneak peak)

Hey everyone I am in the process of rendering and compositing the film. This is a one and only sneak peek of the film without compositing.

Final Pass of Hallway

Lighting Pass (version 2)

Burning the early morning oil with another lighting pass of the environment that I have been working on.

Lighting setup (concept2)

This is another concept piece I made last night to display the lighting sequence switching from the auxiliary lighting to the emergency lighting.

Light Setup (concept)

This was a quick concept piece I did today after I saw Dennis”s beginning progress with the lighting I took his rendered images and placed my render of the lighting over top of his in Photoshop tweaking the levels and brightness in some areas to create a color key that best illustrates the lighting I am going for for the film.

Lighting setup

This is Dennis McCoy’s first pass at the lighting setup for the hallway