All you know will cease to exist


Hallway Lighting setup (1st pass)

Hey everyone now that I am getting near the tail end of production I have begun working on the light setup for the film. This lighting is in its first phase thanks in part to my professor but it still needs a lot of work to capture the feel that I want that is demonstrated in my concept art. With the help of Dennis McCoy over in the Atlanta campus we will definitely get the lighting where it needs to be for the film. Stay posted!!!!


Hallway texture (4th pass)

Kit texture ( 2nd pass)

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I finally got a chance to put together both Bryan and Ryan’s progress on  Kit with some default lighting to see how it is going to turn out. Further progress on his textures will be coming soon.

Zar textures (refurbished)

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Stephanie Saxton has taken the Zar textures to a whole new level bringing to the life the same ominous, sleek feel seen in the original concept art for the character. Much like the hallway the current lighting setup will play a huge role in how the textures interact with those lights in the scene.

Kit Suit Texture (in progress)

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Bryan Atkinson has been hard at working in refining  Kit’s space suit and giving it some flare that doesn’t stray to far from the original concept art but breathes new life into the suit. He is currently refining the color map so that he begin adding ambient occlusion, normal maps, layered textures to give the suit a more unique  feel once rendered in Maya. Stay tuned for continued progress on the suit.

Kit skin texture (1st past)

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Special thanks to Ryan James for his awesome first past on Kit’s skin textures, this is just a rough past but it has potentially to be very captivating once we tweak a few things.

Hallway Texture refurbished

Special thanks to Natasha for the continued progress on the hallway we are almost close to finalization. The only issue will be seeing how the current lighting setup will interact with the textures for the hallway.

Hallway Texture progress (updated)

Natasha is making good progress on the textures for the hallway, still needs some more tweaks but we are getting close to finalizing it. Stay posted everyone!!!!!

Progress on Zar textures

Special thanks to Stephanie Saxton for the awesome progress with the Zar model

Lighting and Texture updates

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Special thanks to Rachel Wang for starting the mock lighting on the environment and Natasha Raymond for the beginning stages of texturing. Further progress will be coming soon.